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sport / / NBCSBA: ‘Electric' Kuminga played best game Kerr has seen from him vs. Grizz

o NBCSBA: ‘Electric' Kuminga played best game Kerr has seen from him vs. GrizzRobin Miller

NBCSBA: ‘Electric' Kuminga played best game Kerr has seen from him vs. Grizz


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 by: Robin Miller - Fri, 22 Mar 2024 04:17 UTC

‘Electric' Kuminga played best game Kerr has seen from him vs. Grizz

By Angelina Martin

• Published March 20, 2024

Jonathan Kuminga continues to develop into the NBA star the Warriors
knew he could be.

In fact, coach Steve Kerr believes the 21-year-old's showing in Golden
State's 137-116 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday at Chase
Center was the best game of Kuminga's career.

"It gives us a different dimension, just those easy baskets," Kerr said
of Kuminga's high-flying dunks against Memphis, which complemented his
26 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals on the night. "But
it's the force he played with tonight. I thought it was maybe the best
game I've ever seen him play at both ends.

"He was playing with intensity defensively, he got deflections, he was
guarding the ball. But the way he played downhill -- sprinting the
floor. He is so fast. He's electric, and he's really learning to use it
more often and in key times. I thought tonight he was just brilliant ...
It seems to me like the game is really making more sense to him now and
slowing down a little bit, and it was really fun to watch Jonathan tonight."

Kuminga was a man on a mission Wednesday, emphatically finding his way
to the rim on multiple occasions to produce several highlight dunks.
And, as Kerr pointed out, his athleticism, speed and defensive chops
were on full display.

It has been quite the turnaround for Kuminga after a midseason chat with
Kerr about his Warriors role. Since the young forward raised concerns
about his playing time, he has delivered and more than earned a place in
Kerr's starting rotation as one of Golden State's most efficient scorers
behind Steph Curry.

Kuminga's 26 points against Memphis marked his eighth consecutive game
in double figures and the 46th time in the past 48 games that he has put
up 10 or more points. And as the Warriors set their sights on another
NBA playoff run, they have to feel good about Kuminga helping lead the

sport / / NBCSBA: ‘Electric' Kuminga played best game Kerr has seen from him vs. Grizz


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