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sport / / BANG: The Warriors’ Klay Thompson experiment has worked

o BANG: The Warriors’ Klay Thompson experiment has workedAllen

BANG: The Warriors’ Klay Thompson experiment has worked


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The Warriors’ Klay Thompson experiment has worked
Thompson dropped a game-high 28 points in Golden State's win over Miami
>Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) walks across the court
after missing a shot attempt to tie the game during the final seconds of
an NBA basketball game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Sunday, March
24, 2024, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Abbie Parr)

Danny Emerman is a Bay Area News Group sports reporter
By DANNY EMERMAN | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: March 27, 2024 at 5:20 a.m. | UPDATED: March 27, 2024 at 4:31

MIAMI — Klay Thompson could have pouted when the Warriors removed him
from the starting lineup. He could’ve taken it on himself to jack more
shots in an effort to prove himself worthy. He could’ve checked out

But Thompson, who carries his emotions as openly as anyone in the NBA,
didn’t complain. He never looked at the move as a “demotion.” Instead of
letting the team’s decision take him out of his game, he doubled down on
what has made him a future Hall of Famer.

“I just try to keep the same approach,” Thompson said Tuesday after
Golden State’s 113-92 win in Miami. “Have fun, communicate, take great
looks. Those three things.”

Steve Kerr inserted Thompson back into the starting lineup against the
Heat for more spacing against a Miami team that likes to play a variety
of zone defenses. Back in the familiar role, going through pregame
introductions and playing next to Steph Curry from the tip-off, Thompson
dropped a game-high 28 points and hit six of 14 shots from behind the arc.

“It’s a credit to him, just in general, being able to respond to
whatever he’s been asked to do this year,” Curry said. “Whether it’s
coming off the bench or starting. Most people think, maybe they think
it’s easy to transition from one to the other. It’s not. You have to
prepare your mind and your body to be ready for whatever’s thrown at
you. So it’s a credit to him, his attitude and preparation.”

Coming off the bench or starting, Thompson has been a reliable tertiary
scorer for Golden State. He’s no longer prone to absolute bonanza
scoring nights, but is still capable of giving the Warriors 30 on a
given night. He still scares defenses into scrambling to him off the
catch. He’s still a frequent option for Kerr in out-of-timeout set plays.

Kerr made the concerted decision to bring Thompson off the bench right
before the All-Star break in order to give the five-time All-Star time
to process and decompress the sudden change. Before that Feb. 15 game,
he’d started every game since his rookie year — a span of 808
consecutive games. He reportedly didn’t take the news well and has had
to grapple with his basketball mortality, but didn’t grumble publicly.

In his first game off the bench, Thompson poured in 35 points against
Utah, which remains his season-high. If there were concerns about how
he’d handle the role change, that performance was as encouraging a sign
as possible.

More often, Thompson was the focal point of Golden State’s unit. He
spaced the floor for Chris Paul and Trayce Jackson-Davis to run high
pick-and-rolls. The Warriors ran actions for him. Meanwhile, rookie
Brandin Podziemski helped connect the starting unit with his quick
decision-making and team defense.

Thompson still played starter-level minutes and closed most tight games.
Podziemski — along with Draymond Green playing center almost exclusively
— set Golden State’s rotation into place. It was a win-win.

The return to the starting lineup might not be permanent. At the very
least, the Warriors have the choice of bringing Thompson off the bench
if a certain matchup dictates it. That’s a tool Golden State hasn’t had
until this year.

In March, Thompson is averaging 18.7 points per game and has hit 50
3-pointers while shooting 40.9% from deep. He has started five of the 13
games. He’s in rhythm and said he feels “really good.” He has broken out
the shoulder shimmy on a couple of made 3-pointers over the past week,
including Tuesday night.

Thompson trails only Curry and Luka Doncic leaguewide for games with at
least six made 3-pointers (10).

Curry thinks there’s no other player of Thompson’s stature who could
have handled the fluid role as smoothly as the four-time champion
shooting guard has. He refused to let it become a distraction. He
prevented the situation from going sideways.

“He’s given us a huge boost in whatever role he’s played,” Curry said.
“It’s a challenge. It could’ve gone the other way in the sense of
resisting the evolution of what he’s been asked to do this year. He’s
responded extremely well. We need that energy, because he gives us so
much on that front, like he did tonight.”

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No matter how far the Warriors go this season, they’ll have to make a
decision on Thompson, who’s set to become an unrestricted free agent
this summer. Steph Curry is under contract through 2025-26. Kerr’s deal
was extended to align with that. Same with Draymond Green, whose
extension includes a player option for 2026-27.

Those three and Thompson are the four constants through the Warriors’
dynasty. Thompson, who reportedly rejected a two-year extension, has
expressed a desire to retire with the only organization he’s played for.

There will be questions about the Warriors’ luxury tax bill, Thompson’s
value and how much loyalty a team should exercise with a star who has
helped build a dynasty.

The way Thompson has navigated this season should answer at least some
of them.

sport / / BANG: The Warriors’ Klay Thompson experiment has worked


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