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sport / / BANG: Warriors take care of Jazz in finale, brace for tough postseason path

o BANG: Warriors take care of Jazz in finale, brace for tough postseason pathAllen

BANG: Warriors take care of Jazz in finale, brace for tough postseason path


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Subject: BANG: Warriors take care of Jazz in finale, brace for tough
postseason path
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 by: Allen - Sun, 14 Apr 2024 22:41 UTC

Warriors take care of Jazz in finale, brace for tough postseason path
The Warriors are heading to the play-in as the 10th seed. Will face the
Sacramento Kings on Tuesday
>Golden State Warriors’ Moses Moody (4) and Kevon Looney (5) battle
Utah Jazz’s Luka Šamanić (19) for a loose ball in the first quarter of
their NBA game at Chase Center in San Francisco, Calif., on Sunday,
April 14, 2024. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Danny Emerman is a Bay Area News Group sports reporter
By DANNY EMERMAN | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: April 14, 2024 at 2:47 p.m. | UPDATED: April 14, 2024 at 3:17

SAN FRANCISCO — The Warriors sat both Steph Curry and Draymond Green,
and still beat the lottery-bound Utah Jazz.

Klay Thompson dropped 19 in the first half and 25 in 20 minutes overall.
The Warriors limited his and the other veterans’ minutes and let their
deep bench ride in the second half.

No one in the Warriors’ playoff rotation played more than 23 minutes in
a game that amounted more to a tune-up than anything. Golden State
(46-36) avoided finishing the year with a losing record in Chase Center
by beating the Jazz, 123-116.

The win didn’t mean much in the standings, as Golden State didn’t get
help elsewhere. They’re heading to Sacramento on Tuesday for a
single-elimination play-in game as the 10th seed. The winner will then
travel to the loser of the 7/8 game between the Pelicans and Lakers for
a chance to earn a full series against the top-seeded Thunder.

“I’ve got a good feeling about what’s ahead,” Steve Kerr said postgame.
“I think we still have a chance to do something special. Obviously, it’s
NCAA Tournament (style). You’ve got to get out of the first weekend
here, win the first two to get to the first round. But we have a shot,
so we’re excited about that.”

The 31-win Jazz, hours away from offseason vacation plans, ran out what
was essentially an elevated G League team. The Warriors, resigned to an
almost-certain 9/10 play-in fate, weren’t all too different. They
finished the game with a lineup of Jerome Robinson, Pat Spencer, Usman
Garuba, Gui Santos, and Lestor Quinones.

Santos got early minutes, as did Dario Saric — who has been out of the
rotation for months. Golden State kept either Chris Paul or Thompson on
the court at all times in the first half, maintaining a baseline level
of competitiveness.

Jonathan Kuminga, who was questionable with a bruised right pelvic but
warmed up and played, went scoreless but added a career-high seven
assists in 23 minutes. He has missed seven games due to injury in the
past few weeks, so getting him in rhythm for the postseason is a priority.

Within the Warriors organization, there was probably about as much
scoreboard watching as there was stock into the game on the Chase Center
floor. The results of the Kings and Lakers games — in addition to the
Timberwolves and Nuggets at the top of the West — determined the
Warriors’ upcoming postseason path.

The Warriors led by seven at halftime, while the Kings and Lakers each
built comfortable halftime leads in their respective games. The play-in
picture unfolded: Warriors as the 10th seed in Sacramento, with the
winner traveling to the loser of Pelicans-Lakers.

Wins by the Kings and Lakers sealed the Warriors’ seed regardless of
their result vs. Utah. The Jazz pulled ahead in the third quarter, and
Steve Kerr played a lineup with Santos, Lester Quinones, and Pat
Spencer. There was no point in putting unnecessary mileage on Thompson
and Chris Paul’s legs.

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Santos and Quinones made some plays, swinging the lead back in Golden
State’s direction. In a back-and-forth final frame, Robinson’s and-1 and
a bucket from Spencer cemented the victory.

Curry, Green, Thompson, Paul, and Wiggins watched the fourth quarter
from the bench. The Warriors hope to play three games next week — two
single-elimination bouts and the first game of a seven-game series. That
outcome would be a grind, and those five won’t be spending much time on
the bench for it.

sport / / BANG: Warriors take care of Jazz in finale, brace for tough postseason path


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