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sport / / BANG: ‘I would love to get him out there more:’ Steve Kerr details Moses Moody’s inconsistent role with Warriors

o BANG: ‘I would love to get him out there more:’ Steve Kerr details Moses Moody’sAllen

BANG: ‘I would love to get him out there more:’ Steve Kerr details Moses Moody’s inconsistent role with Warriors


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‘I would love to get him out there more:’ Steve Kerr details Moses
Moody’s inconsistent role with Warriors
Moses Moody was impactful during Warriors' season despite limited
playing time
>Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr talks to Golden State
Warriors’ Moses Moody (4) during their game against the Utah Jazz in the
second quarter at the Chase Center in San Francisco, Calif., on Sunday,
April 7, 2024. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

Danny Emerman is a Bay Area News Group sports reporter
By DANNY EMERMAN | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: April 18, 2024 at 5:05 p.m. | UPDATED: April 18, 2024 at 5:06

SAN FRANCISCO — The Warriors’ play-in loss in Sacramento was the story
of Moses Moody’s season, and really the story of his career to this point.

Moody was out of Golden State’s rotation heading into the
single-elimination Kings game. The 10th man in a nine-man playoff
rotation, he’d been just edged out because of the matchup: The Warriors
wanted Kevon Looney to play more than usual because of his defense
against Domantas Sabonis. Rotations tighten in the postseason as star
players ramp up their minutes, and Moody got squeezed out.

He’d been the odd man out all year. At one point this year, the Chase
Center crowd had to beg for him to get minutes. Despite contributing
whenever called upon, Moody was routinely leap-frogged by other players
for minutes. In his third season, despite logging career highs in
practically every counting stat, Moody had seven healthy DNPs and 11
more games with under 11 minutes.

When the Warriors fell behind Sacramento, Steve Kerr called Moody’s
number. Off the bench, the Arkansas product scored 16 points in 15 minutes.

As he always has, Moody didn’t complain. The Warriors are lucky the
21-year-old is mature, because few players of Moody’s caliber have their
opportunities so disconnected from their production. Most in Moody’s
situation would gripe and fester.

“I think there’s a crowded field of people in Moses’ realm, where he is
on our roster,” Kerr said when asked about Moody’s playing time.
“There’s a lot of other guys. He’s a really good player and he’s a young
player who still has a lot of room for growth.”

In his exit interview with Moody, Kerr told the young player that he
needs to quicken the release of his jumper and his decision-making
overall. There are times when Moody passes up open jump shots in favor
of drives into a crowded paint, which can muck up a possession. On both
ends, Kerr said, his decision-making needs to improve.

Any player, though, needs minutes to improve in such an area. Moody
hasn’t been afforded that luxury, for the most part.

“He’s in his third year, he hasn’t played a ton, so you need reps to
improve on this stuff,” Kerr said. “Yeah, I think next year’s a big year
for Moses. I would love to get him out there more. But when you look at
the roster, hey, there’s just a lot of people and we haven’t always been
able to get him on the floor.”

Even as a rookie, Moody showed promise. In the Western Conference Finals
against Dallas during Golden State’s title run, Moody played every game
and defended Luka Doncic at times. The next season, he had two DNPs in
the first month.

This year, Moody got a chance to start for four straight games when
Andrew Wiggins was away for personal reasons. In that stretch, he
averaged 12 points in 24.7 minutes per game, shooting 50% from the floor
and 40% from 3. He guarded Knicks star point guard Jalen Brunson one
game and Golden State went 3-1 with him in the starting lineup.

Ten days later, he was out of Kerr’s rotation again.

“If I get to listening to other people, then you can kind of feel like
it’s a cycle to where like, oh, you don’t play, you play good, you don’t
play,” Moody said. “That can be frustrating if you look at it like that,
but that’s through other people’s lens. I’ve done something myself where
I now don’t really look at things through other people’s perspective and
understand it for myself and see the growth that I’ve made each year.”

General manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. said Moody “hasn’t probably played as
much as we’d like.”

“So that will be something we’ll look at,” Dunleavy said. “I think it’s
really important coming into Year Four for him that there is some
reasonable playing time available for him where he can impact our team
and be out there and continue to improve and I think that’s a fair thing.”

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One way to clear a path for Moody would just be to start him. The
Warriors want to retain Klay Thompson and move him into somewhat of a
sixth man role. Kerr mentioned Moody — as well as Brandin Podziemski and
Jonathan Kuminga — as players currently on the roster who could supplant
Thompson in the starting group.

As always, combinations are key. But the Warriors, even after three
years, need a bigger sample size to see which groups Moody may or may
not fit with.

“I will say it again, he’s one of the most high-character young players
I’ve ever been around,” Kerr said. “The way he handles adversity, he’s
just very practical, he’s been raised so well. He’s a wonderful young
guy and I’m always pulling for him and I want him to succeed. Frankly,
there needs, he needs more opportunity, for sure.”

sport / / BANG: ‘I would love to get him out there more:’ Steve Kerr details Moses Moody’s inconsistent role with Warriors


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