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sport / / NBCSBA: What assets Warriors could trade for win-now veteran this offseason

o NBCSBA: What assets Warriors could trade for win-now veteran this offseasonRobin Miller

NBCSBA: What assets Warriors could trade for win-now veteran this offseason


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Subject: NBCSBA: What assets Warriors could trade for win-now veteran this
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 by: Robin Miller - Sun, 21 Apr 2024 01:32 UTC

What assets Warriors could trade for win-now veteran this offseason

By Taylor Wirth

• Published April 20, 2024

The Warriors have tough decisions to make this offseason, which could
include parting ways with some of their established veterans or
promising, young stars.

While it's unclear what Golden State's path forward should be, it's
clear that there needs to be change. Both players like Draymond Green
and executives like general manager Mike Dunleavy recognize the Warriors
need to change things up this offseason after two consecutive early
postseason exits.

While Golden State might not be able to do much in NBA free agency
outside of re-signing veteran guard Klay Thompson, it can improve
through the trade market. ESPN's Zach Lowe laid out in his latest column
what trade assets the Warriors could use to land a star player via trade.

The first, and perhaps most important trade assets, are the two future
first-round picks the Warriors are eligible to trade this offseason and
any potential first-round pick swaps. Lowe believes these can be
packaged with one of the Warriors' young stars in a trade for a win-now
player this offseason.

"Depending on their willingness to trade one core young player, Golden
State could butt into (some) conversations for win-now veterans who
become available," Lowe wrote. "[Jonathan] Kuminga would have the most
appeal, but the Warriors' brain trust remains very high on his
potential, sources said."

The other potential trade assets the Warriors have are a pair of
polarizing veterans who, despite their baggage, still offer plenty of

Although Dunleavy and coach Steve Kerr already have said they envision
Green remaining on the team next season, Lowe believes the fiery veteran
forward could have some trade value.

"They have a decision to make on Green, whose volatility has worn on
several within the organization, sources said," Lowe explained. "But
everyone within the team understands how good Green still is -- one of
the league's best defenders, and an orchestrator of the Golden State
motion offense who enjoys rare chemistry with Curry.

"Finding a team willing to trade significant future assets for Green
would be tricky; he is owed $77 million over the next three seasons, and
the rest of the league has watched the chaos of the past 24 months."

The other is forward Andrew Wiggins, who is coming off a disappointing
2023-24 season and is two years removed from his one and only All-Star
campaign during the Warriors' 2022 NBA championship run.

"Wiggins has three years and almost $90 million left on his deal, and
just completed a mostly disappointing season," Lowe added. "His salary
would be handy in any major trade, but rivals might view his contract as
a net negative -- and ask the Warriors to attach an asset to compensate,
sources said. Golden State is not quite deep enough in trade assets to
be able to afford that."

While the Warriors are unlikely to trade any of their current or future
foundational players, they showed with last offseason's blockbuster
Jordan Poole-for-Chris Paul trade that they are willing to make a splash
if the right opportunity is presented to them.

Will any of these assets be on the move this offseason? And are the
Warriors one big trade away from returning to championship contention?
Only time will tell.

sport / / NBCSBA: What assets Warriors could trade for win-now veteran this offseason


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