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sport / / BANG: Next up for Chris Paul’s big offseason: ‘AAU dad’ life before contract decisions

o BANG: Next up for Chris Paul’s big offseason: ‘AAU dad’ life before contract decAllen

BANG: Next up for Chris Paul’s big offseason: ‘AAU dad’ life before contract decisions


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Next up for Chris Paul’s big offseason: ‘AAU dad’ life before contract
For Warriors point guard Chris Paul, being a father is the "greatest job"
>Golden State Warrior’s Chris Paul speaks at Chase Center in San
Francisco, Calif., Wednesday, April 17, 2024, one day after the team
ended their season in a 118-94 loss to Sacramento. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area
News Group)

Danny Emerman is a Bay Area News Group sports reporter
By DANNY EMERMAN | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: April 24, 2024 at 5:35 a.m. | UPDATED: April 24, 2024 at 5:35

Chris Paul’s season ended earlier than it has in over a decade. He’d
made the playoffs for 14 straight seasons. He was a fixture of May

But with the Warriors, Paul missed the playoffs despite teaming up with
three other future Hall of Famers. Before this year, the last time he
played for a lottery team was 2010.

Life was different back then. Paul was 24 and in his athletic prime. It
was five teams ago, before he created pick-and-roll nirvana in Los
Angeles with Blake Griffin. His first child, Chris Paul II, was only one
year old; he’s now on the cusp of the preps basketball hype machine.

Paul is older and wiser now. He’s a father of two. He intends to extend
his career into Year 20, confident in his ability to still drive
efficient offenses. He did so this past season with the Warriors, even
on a team that seemed like an awkward fit personality-wise but ended up
being a tougher fit on the court.

Paul has a “big summer” ahead of him, he said. His offseason will be
another one of training — which doesn’t get easier with age —
negotiating and family time. For someone who has lived away from his
wife and kids for the past four years, that third activity is a real
silver lining.

“Yeah, don’t feel good,” Paul said of losing his playoff streak. “(But)
I get a chance to travel and be an AAU dad, make some of my daughter’s
volleyball games. “A little bit of a longer break than usual, but it is
what it is.”

Paul never would’ve imagined playing with the Warriors before they
traded for him. For many years, he battled Steph Curry and Draymond
Green in the playoffs, often coming out on the losing end. Green feuded
with him. Curry used him as a measuring stick early in his career, then
surpassed him.

But Paul and Green became fast friends and somewhat of basketball
kindred spirits. He got involved in multiple Bay Area-based charities,
including one that helps create savings accounts for Oakland middle

On the court, Paul was a member of several of Golden State’s most
productive lineups. His counting numbers didn’t jump off his Basketball
Reference page, but Paul stabilized the Warriors when Steph Curry sat
more than any other time since Kevin Durant’s tenure.

Paul developed excellent pick-and-roll chemistry with rookie Trayce
Jackson-Davis and ranked second in the NBA in assist-to-turnover ratio
among players who averaged at least 25 minutes per game.

A pleasant takeaway for Paul was the Warriors’ flexibility in finding
pockets of time for the point guard and his family in Los Angeles to
connect during the season. Paul is a 12-time All-Star, a member of the
NBA 75th Anniversary Team and has made over $380 million in career
earnings, but is most proud of being Chris and Camryn’s dad.

“There’s no greater job,” Paul said of fatherhood in a mid-March
conversation with this news organization.

When the Warriors traveled to games against the Lakers or Clippers, Paul
would spend extra time with his family there. He occasionally brought
his family on the team charter. When he was sidelined for six weeks with
a fractured hand, he rehabbed at home in LA.

On March 15, a day before Golden State’s game in Arena, Paul
brought his son to practice with the team at UCLA’s facility. The
younger Paul rebounded for his dad and Curry. When practice wrapped up,
the 14-year-old put up some shots of his own.

Paul has always liked to bring his son to practice. He raised him in
locker rooms and brought him to postgame press conferences, where he
went viral for making the “Blake Face” as a toddler.

Paul has always wanted his son around as much as possible to see what it
takes to succeed.

“At the end of the day, I want both of my kids to look at me as Dad, and
not as just as an NBA player,” Paul said. “And so that’s what’s most
important. Making sure they get the opportunity to see the work. I
always say this: Professional athletes, whoever they may be, their kids’
advantage is not their last names, their advantage is getting the
opportunity to see the work.”

Paul’s son has his exact name and is starting to make one for himself.
He’s already earning attention as an eighth-grade hooper on the AAU
circuit. Paul often streams his son’s games at his locker after Warriors
games using an app called Game Changer, though he laments not seeing him
play in person.

“That’s the hardest part for me, is that I can’t,” Paul said.

Camryn, Paul’s daughter, plays a little bit of everything. He never
forced a basketball into either of his children’s hands. This summer,
he’ll get to see both of them in action.

“It’s been the coolest thing, watching them grow up,” Paul said. “That
credit, actually, goes to my wife (Jada). She’s been there, taking them
to school. The school work, the grades, the parties classmates will
have, the play dates. This and that. Little Chris is playing AAU
basketball now, so my wife is coordinating going to the tournaments and

Courtside Films
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Chris Paul’s 8th grade son Chris Jr. was in his bag today 🎒@CP3

7:58 PM · Apr 6, 2024
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A week after that practice in Westwood, Paul’s son was in San Francisco
for a school field trip. The point guard left picture day at Chase
Center a bit early to meet his son and his classmates for a walk across
the Golden Gate Bridge.

“I’m forever grateful to the organization and whatnot and how much they
allowed me to get back and see my family as much,” Paul said.

The next night, Paul II and his pals were in attendance as his dad
dished a season-high 14 assists in a turnover-free vintage performance.
Camryn and Chris don’t have to find old highlights on YouTube or TikTok
to see their dad play; he can still hoop.

Where he’ll hoop next is the open question.

Despite enjoying his time with Golden State, another team change is
likely on the horizon for Paul. Even his coach admitted that the fit on
the court wasn’t perfect. Lineups with Paul and Curry in the backcourt
are too small. The Warriors need to get more athletic, bigger and better
defensively — nothing Paul at 39 can provide.

Paul’s family will remain in Los Angeles, which became their home base
after Paul’s kids switched schools five times in five years. “I wanted
them to have some type of stability,” Paul said.

The Lakers and Clippers would be obvious fits as options close to home.
But each team could look a lot different based on how their playoff runs
pan out, and they both have an abundance of on-ball playmakers. The
Spurs and Victor Wembanyama need a point guard. So might Phoenix, where
he made his lone Finals run three years ago.

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He has experience as the lead guard for a team, coming off the bench for
25 impact minutes, and mentoring young players.

“Any situation I go into, I’m all in,” Paul said.

Paul also might not have complete autonomy. The Warriors could pick up
his non-guaranteed $30 million team option and trade him away.

Things can move quickly after July 1, when the offseason begins. Paul,
who has been traded six times, knows it. Until then, he’ll focus on his
favorite job.

“For my kids, I’ve always tried to keep some sense of normalcy, and
that’s with family,” Paul said. “That’s the one thing that’s been a
constant, and it’ll always be a constant: our family.”

sport / / BANG: Next up for Chris Paul’s big offseason: ‘AAU dad’ life before contract decisions


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