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It's like deja vu all over again. -- Yogi Berra

sport / / Black and wigger 'parents' of boy fed to pigs both charged with first-degree murder

o Black and wigger 'parents' of boy fed to pigs both charged withLet My (BLACK FELON) People Free!

Black and wigger 'parents' of boy fed to pigs both charged with first-degree murder


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From: (Let My (BLACK FELON) People Free!)
Subject: Black and wigger 'parents' of boy fed to pigs both charged with
first-degree murder
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Date: Fri, 7 May 2021 02:21:40 +0200 (CEST)
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 by: Let My (BLACK FELON) - Fri, 7 May 2021 00:21 UTC

Burn these two fucking liberal pieces of shit alive.

Michael and Heather Jones, the father and stepmother of a young
boy who is believed to have been missing for months and is
presumed dead, have both been charged with first-degree felony

Wyandotte County District Attorney Chris Schneider announced the
charges Friday.

Jones, 29, now faces the murder charge as well as a child abuse
charge in connection with 7-year-old Adrian Jones.

She is in the Wyandotte County Jail in lieu of a $5 million bond.

The district attorney also amended the charges against Michael
Jones, 44, to now include murder. He was previously charged with
aggravated assault and aggravated battery against his wife and
child abuse charges against his son, Adrian, sometime between
May 1 and Sept. 28.. His bond was set at $10 million.

The felony murder charge essentially accuses both in the death
of Adrian, not as a planned or premeditated murder, but as the
result of committing another crime, like child abuse.
Specifically charging documents say by "committing, attempting
to commit or fleeing from the felony of child abuse."

Heather Jones was arrested Thursday then held on 48-hour
investigative hold for murder and child abuse charges. She was
booked into jail on a bench warrant for a Walmart theft under
$1,000. Prosecutors had until Saturday morning to formally
charge her with the crimes.

Her arrest came two weeks after her husband was arrested.

Police came to the couple's Piper home in the 5200 block of N.
99th Street on Nov. 25 on a report of Michael Jones attacking
his wife and firing a gun at her. As the investigation
progressed, someone told them to check for Adrian's decomposed
body. By the next day, they were searching a barn on the
property where they discovered human remains.

Adrian allegedly went missing towards the end of September and
no one ever reported his disappearance.

Investigators fear Adrian was fed to pigs on the family's
property after being beaten to death. The DA's office said the
charges of murder do not necessarily mean the remains have been
identified, but a medical examiner says the bones are that of a

Since then, people who claim to know the couple have been coming
out of the woodwork, standing up for or pointing fingers at one
or both of them.

A man claiming to have done odd jobs for the couple said Heather
Jones was a battered woman, afraid that if she tried to get
help, her husband would killer her and the kids. Someone sent
KCTV5 photos of a bruised Heather Jones, claiming her injuries
were done at the hands of her husband.

"She was terrified of Mike and put herself in between Mike and
the kids," the woman wrote.

Her status as victim was affirmed by the charges against her

A legal expert said the charges against Heather Jones allege
more than just standing by � they allege participation.

"Maybe the child wasn't taken care of, maybe the child was sick,
maybe the child didn't get sufficient food. Maybe the child was
starved. Maybe the child was beaten on. Maybe all of those,"
Carl Cornwell said.

Cornwell is a well-known defense lawyer in Kansas who helped
establish the Battered Women's Syndrome defense in the state of
Kansas in 1985. He said it's a defense that applies in felony
murder and could apply to this case, even though the victim is
not Heather Jones� abuser, but instead a helpless child.

"If she has been told, �You know what's going to happen to you
if you don't help me starve this child, beat this child, make
sure that this child is never found, I'm going to kill you and
these kids,�" he said.

Cornwell said he thinks it can be a legitimate defense.

Heather Jones will make her first court appearance on these
charges Monday.

sport / / Black and wigger 'parents' of boy fed to pigs both charged with first-degree murder


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