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o Re: Ken Bruce/Radio2Carolyn Cranton

Subject: Re: Ken Bruce/Radio2
From: Carolyn Cranton
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 16:03 UTC
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Subject: Re: Ken Bruce/Radio2
From: (Carolyn Cranton)
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On Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 8:51:36 AM UTC, Lloyd Barkham wrote:
Martyn <> wrote in message
"roughyed" <> wrote in message
On yesterdays Ken Bruce show, he had a popmaster contestant on who was
an ex
RFL Ref, who retired after his last match in 94, Runcorn v Workington.
guy is called John Kendrew, and he claimed he was a top grade referee. I
cannot recall him, does anyone else remember him?

Yes, I remember him. Mr Kendrew was/is from Castleford, and he was
known as "the singing referee" because he used to sign at players'
benefit evenings (honestly!)
Were they deaf?
I hope a) I've answered your question and perhaps more importantly, b)
someone can back me up!

John Kendrew was indeed a top grade referee (he pass away this week) and he was known as 'the singing ref' as he sang for benefits, charities and in clubland. I was proud to have him as my friend for many years

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