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tech / rec.bicycles.misc / Bye-bye County Fair

o Bye-bye County FairJoy Beeson

Bye-bye County Fair


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From: (Joy Beeson)
Newsgroups: rec.bicycles.misc
Subject: Bye-bye County Fair
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 19:33:01 -0400
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
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 by: Joy Beeson - Thu, 21 Oct 2021 23:33 UTC

Today's "hundred years ago" story was a reprint of an article about
the Bourbon fair. In that era, fairs were held after harvest, so that
there would be produce to exhibit, and so farmers would have time to

I mourned that real fairs are no more, because fairs are for farmers
and there are no longer enough farmers to support one -- and realized
that fairs helped cause their own downfall. The county fair was
where farmers went to learn about the latest and greatest new
machinery, machinery that eventually led to old farmers renting out
their land and moving to Florida.

joy beeson at centurylink dot net

tech / rec.bicycles.misc / Bye-bye County Fair


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