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tech / / Is AES/EBU Digital Audio Dead?

o Is AES/EBU Digital Audio Dead?Gary Vee

Is AES/EBU Digital Audio Dead?


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Subject: Is AES/EBU Digital Audio Dead?
From: (Gary Vee)
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 by: Gary Vee - Thu, 8 Sep 2022 00:02 UTC

I have been using Lavry Blue converters for many years and noticed they are still listed on the Lavry website. Some retailers like Vintage King carry them so they are available through retailers.

When I search Sweetwater for this type of converter you might find 2 channel AES/EBU converters but not much else. I also know you can order a Lynx Aurora with the AES/EBU digital option using DB style connectors rather than XLR.

I know in the Mac world Thunderbolt is very popular and certainly more convenient but while I'm not a professional, I really have enjoyed the Lavry Blue series even thought I've only used 48K sample rate with 24 bit word depth. I'm listening to recordings I made 10+ years ago and they sound pretty darn good.

Gary V

tech / / Is AES/EBU Digital Audio Dead?


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