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o Re: Arrows on Monster Cable?Pale Ale

Re: Arrows on Monster Cable?


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Subject: Re: Arrows on Monster Cable?
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 by: Pale Ale - Sun, 30 Oct 2022 22:54 UTC

On Tuesday, July 27, 2004 at 1:40:40 PM UTC-5, Nousaine wrote:
> (Scott Dorsey) wrote:
> >In article <znr1090930937k@trad>, Mike Rivers <> wrote:
> >>
> >>In article <>
> >writes:
> >>
> >>> A while ago, I saw a want ad by Monster in the SF paper. They were
> >>> looking for electrical engineers. I should have answered the ad just
> >>> to find what the hell they do with electrical engineers there.
> >>
> >>Probably put them in the marketing department. <g>
> >>
> >>But doesn't Monster make things other than cables now?
> >
> >I am not sure if they actually make any of the electronics or if they
> >just rebadge them. Some of the electronics they sell are pretty good,
> >though. Better than you'd expect from them.
> >--scott
> I'm not sure that Monster Cable "makes" any of the products they sell. On the
> website there is no mention of manufacturing facilities of any kind. Over the
> past 2 decades I've never heard or read of any factory tours or any stories
> about manufacturing facilities.
> I'm wondering if they even warehouse stuff themselves but instead have products
> shipped directly to vendors from the OEM source.
> If anybody has more information please share.
I would not buy anything from Monster. Monster does not warranty anything they make nor do they provide any 3rd party vendor repair shop having anything they made for repair at our cost. That being said, why be loyal to a company who is not loyal to their customers. When you see any product made by Monster, drop it and look for another vendor who makes better products than Monster!!!

tech / / Re: Arrows on Monster Cable?


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