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o Re: Help on Sony DMX R100 problemAndrás Csiszár

Re: Help on Sony DMX R100 problem


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 by: András Csiszár - Tue, 18 Jul 2023 21:58 UTC

Rui Fingers ezt írta (2014. december 30., kedd, 23:02:51 UTC+1):
> Hi there!
> Sorry disturbing your peace with this, but we're really in trouble with our Sony DMX R100.
> Today, for the first time, I have this problem:
> When I start it, instead of booting normaly, it shows this error:
> "Unable to open system iniatialization file: input/output error."
> Does anyone know what this mean?
> I don´t know if it's a operating system error or anything else
> I don't even know what OS are used by this desk. I think it's windows based, old windows, maybe 95 or 98, but i'm not sure.
> Can someone help me with this?
> I can acess the system bios.
> I don't have any system disks or application setup since it was a second hand buying.
> I just had downloaded some updates from "", and that's all I have.
> I don't know if our DMX have version 1 or 2. I know that if it's a version 1, it could not read ms-dos formatted floppy disks, but I think ours can.
> I know this one here can read 1.44 floppys, and as far as I remember it have software version 1.xx, not version 2.23.
> I'm using this desk from about 4 years to now and never had any trouble with her..
> It's was working perfectly one day and on the other it starts with that message and that's it.....end of session...
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Best regards!
> Fisgix

I'm András from Hungary and I recently bought a sony dmx r100 mixer. The problem with it is similar to yours. I would like to ask you if you got any results with yours? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hi, András

tech / / Re: Help on Sony DMX R100 problem


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