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Sample CD Conundrum


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Subject: Sample CD Conundrum
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 by: Dustin Malpass - Sat, 29 Jul 2023 00:05 UTC

Hey guys. I know the lot of you have been in the audio biz' for awhile so I figured this is a good place to inquire about something of this nature. Long story short, I'm looking for the name of a sampling CD that fits the following criteria!
1. has construction kits that are likely labelled
2. contains .wavs meant for splicing and song construction
3. came out before or during 1997
4. contains samples used in several stock music releases (Manhattan and Arcadia), Mark Barrott's Future Loop Foundation, and referenced by David Lindsey
5. includes some samples that sound original as if they were recorded exclusively for the CD/pack
6. includes several melody samples that sound ripped from Donny Hathaway's live of "What's Goin' On" (piano 0:08 & guitar 0:14)
Any help is greatly appreciated!

tech / / Sample CD Conundrum


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