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Deadline Alert: Music Wanted Now


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Subject: Deadline Alert: Music Wanted Now
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 by: usasong - Tue, 24 Oct 2023 18:02 UTC

Last Chance to secure your enrollment for the 20th Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards). Enter in categories such as Best Male Artist, Best Female, Group, etc.

Past winners include: Ellis Paul (16th Annual IAMA Top Winner), Jonatha Brooke (15th Annual IAMA Top winner), Meghan Trainor (#1 hit on Billboard Hot 100 Charts, #1 on Billboard 200 Album Charts & Grammy Award Winner for Best New Artist!), Wes Carr (Australian Idol, Australia), Charlie Dore (Billboard Top 10 Hit Artist, United Kingdom), David Francey (Juno Award winner, Canada), AJ Croce (USA), Carl Wockner (Australia), Ryan Sheridan (last year's winner), Buffalo Rose, Rod Abernethy (17th Annual IAMA Top Winner), etc.

***Deadline to enter is November 9th. So, register online at:

tech / / Deadline Alert: Music Wanted Now


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