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If this is timesharing, give me my share right now.

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My shack in closet


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 by: Jeff Smythe - Fri, 8 Sep 2023 01:45 UTC

How i got into ham radio?

When i going to hunt junior high i had new friend Doug
he wonted to be be him we had same class all day
Dearing school year and took shop class and he decide
to have me over to his house so
Came over to his house met Dad, he was in military,
In the basement he had electronics, radios, I didn’t
Know he was a ham radio(KA7BOJ).
When i turned 17 met my sister friend, she had him over
to aur house to dance, So went to school stadium high
Showed & tell about my hobbies.
He took me to his dad electronic school showed me
Around. When i was inside the hobby hall at the fair
To look around also walk to Club’s booth i saw Doug’s
Dad (KA7BOJ) with a person, talk to him he ask me if i go for
novice class and I sign up for it,1978.
That got me into ham radio.
Got a ride up to radio club house took Class and took US tour
Upstairs ,museum and radio room .angle kc7eq.
I started studying on it reading and learning Morse code.
After weeks went by took a code and written test "Failed"
more studying. Took Another test have to wait on the kitchen
From her saying to U pass. 1981 Month. Later just got me novice
License. My call"KA7MMW"Well.Join the club in 1985
I told my mom about the
ham radio store, my first radio is galaxy TG550 so
brought that ant tuner and dummy load took it home
I didnt know the radio RF-output
SSB: 550 Watts PEP, CW: 360 Watt.
For ant i had it hookup to 2-element CB Base Station beam antenna
burned up the tuner, the radio was putting out 500 Watts
(150 for novice). In 1984, took class at Clover Park
tech collage to take mobile D.V.R. from
Washington State DVR paid
for it and the tools that i pickup.
Started repairing the tuner that got fried I also setup
ham station at clover park TC (Yaesu 901dm) and 2m mobile also put up antennas.
One of the antenna (2-way) had be taken down we had 5
Of them. Glen called me that Hank W7UD have to trade
Me for scanner for Icom 22S w/control head with
More channels and month later gave hem receiver
to trade for 4-band base antenna. IN 1985 I started study
for tech and took tech class, AS week went by
went to club for codes and written test
that i pass the test and weeks later License came.
Had my friend over to put up Dipole for 15 meters
build myself 2 meter beam (5 element).I decided
to buy Cushcraft A148-10S vhf from Amateur radio supply
in Seattle. All the time i was living in the north in tell
july 1992 move to Gig Harbor overlooking the bay
My brother in law built it in fall 1991
When i was on my vacation for week from work
Renew my License and change my call to KB7QAG
went to get parts from radio shack ,my Dad put it up for
me.Years later had my friend over with 70 cm 5 Element
antenna for SSB and with Cushcraft A148-10S turn it
90 decree for SSB I also put up Dipole for 10 meters.
In 2007 move back to Tacoma (7262 Rosemount cir)
I put in shelf’s in closet, set up the station She order dual band
antenna. Week later Mom decided have Electrician come out
to run coax up from desk in closet up to attic $300.00
and other things for her, So I setting up
the station and put up Dipole for 10 meters
in closet.IN 2012 went to club’s flea market
to look around and buy things. Dearing the year
Started studying for general so at the flea market
Went in for test for it, What happen sitting at
The table they need my novice License i had
tech License but I didn’t have my novice
So he looks up old call book plus FCC data
An send me email.2 days later
Got home from work got email for who was VEC
That I earned it so now I am General.In 2018
In the closet I have dipole for 6 meters SSB
I well be building dipole or halo type antenna for 2 meters
SSB the antenna well be up high in closet because
HOA.No antennas outside.
I do have one in the attic.

I like doing electronics: building projects
repairand also bilding antennas ( ham radio )

I like work satellite,packet,vhf/uhf contesting
and aprs.

Current Memberships: ARRL.
I well be getting into The Pacific NorthWest VHF Society

Publications: QST

Other hobby's: star trek,starwars and Video games,
buiding electronics projects.I well be starting work on Arduino soon
The Games on computer are
1 Star Trek Bridge Crew
3 Tomb Raider 2013
4 Monster Garage is an American television series aired on the Discovery Channel
"video game"
5 Rise of the tomb raider

I like watching Drag Racing,football(sea hawks),soccer and baseball,NHRA drag race and Tractor and Truck Pull(NTPA) on RFTV

In ham radio: packet radio,V/UHF contesting,Satellite

Go To and search kb7qag

tech / / My shack in closet


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