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tech / / hourglass antenna for 2 meters SSB

o hourglass antenna for 2 meters SSBJeff Smythe

hourglass antenna for 2 meters SSB


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Subject: hourglass antenna for 2 meters SSB
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 by: Jeff Smythe - Fri, 8 Sep 2023 01:51 UTC

antenna featured in The ARRL Antenna Book⁴. It provides useful gain with very simple construction. The
hourglass form factor yields an antenna that is tall but with a tiny footprint and that doesn’t look like any
other type of antenna, which might make it stealthier in some applications⁴. You could probably use it to
support a banner or as a plant trellis, festooned with artificial plants⁴. The loop consists of a 2-wavelengthlong
wire formed into the shape of an hourglass, as shown in Figure 1⁴. The wires cross in the center but do
not touch. Currents travel around the perimeter of the loop and are maximum in the horizontal top wire, the
horizontal bottom wire, and at the crossing point. The 50 Ω feed is in the center of the bottom wire⁴. The
voltages are maximum at points about halfway up the sides of each triangle where the currents are minimum.
The vertical currents cancel each other while the horizontal currents add in phase. Thus, the loop produces a
strong horizontally polarized signal at right angles to the plane of the loop⁴. The crossed wires in the center
force the top and bottom wire currents to be in phase, thus producing gain. The horizontal component of the
currents at the crossing point is also in phase with each other and adds to the signal⁴. This antenna can be
viewed as two delta loops stacked one on top of the other, with the bottom one inverted and fed in the center
of a side instead of at a corner. The top delta is fed from the bottom one. Choosing the correct height-towidth
dimensions makes the feed-point impedance 50 Ω⁴.
Source: Conversation with Bing, 9/6/2023
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I well be installed in closet and mounted on the wall, 5 feet from my station

tech / / hourglass antenna for 2 meters SSB


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