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Merce Dilette Amiche Pdf Free


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 by: Mellissa Sprock - Mon, 27 Nov 2023 10:29 UTC

Merce dilette amiche: A beautiful aria from Verdi's Les vêpres siciliennes
Merce dilette amiche is an aria for soprano from Giuseppe Verdi's grand opera Les vêpres siciliennes (The Sicilian Vespers), which premiered in Paris in 1855. The opera is based on the historical event of the Sicilian Vespers, a rebellion that broke out in Sicily against the French rule in 1282.

The aria is sung by Elena, the daughter of the Sicilian leader Procida, who is in love with Arrigo, a young nobleman who is secretly the son of the French governor. Elena has just received a letter from Arrigo, who has been pardoned by his father and asks her to meet him at the altar. Elena expresses her joy and gratitude to her friends for their support and loyalty.

merce dilette amiche pdf free

The aria is one of Verdi's most lyrical and melodic compositions, with a graceful and elegant melody that contrasts with the dramatic and tragic plot of the opera. The aria showcases the soprano's vocal range, agility and expression, as well as her ability to convey the character's emotions and personality.

If you want to listen to or sing this aria, you can find a free pdf of the score on Scribd[^1^] or IMSLP[^2^]. You can also watch some videos of famous sopranos performing this aria on YouTube, such as Maria Callas, Anna Netrebko, Renata Tebaldi and Joan Sutherland.

Merce dilette amiche is a beautiful example of Verdi's genius and mastery of opera, and a delight for any music lover.

The opera follows the main events of the historical Sicilian Vespers, but with some fictional characters and subplots. The main conflict is between the French oppressors and the Sicilian rebels, who are led by Procida, a nobleman who has returned from exile. The romantic plot involves Elena, Procida's daughter, who is betrothed to Arrigo, a young Sicilian patriot. However, Arrigo discovers that he is actually the illegitimate son of Montfort, the French governor and the murderer of Elena's brother. This creates a dilemma for Arrigo, who has to choose between his love for Elena and his loyalty to his father.

The opera is divided into five acts, each with a different setting and mood.. The first act introduces the main characters and their motivations, as well as the tension between the French and the Sicilians. The second act focuses on Montfort's attempt to win over Arrigo by revealing his paternity and offering him a high position in his court. The third act shows the preparations for Elena and Arrigo's wedding, which is interrupted by Procida's arrival with news of a planned uprising. The fourth act depicts the confrontation between Montfort and Arrigo, who refuses to join his father's side and is arrested. The fifth act culminates in the massacre of the French by the Sicilians during the vespers (evening prayers) on Easter Monday.

The opera is rich in musical and dramatic contrasts, as well as in memorable melodies and choruses. Some of the highlights include Elena's aria "Merce dilette amiche", in which she expresses her happiness on her wedding day; Procida's aria "O tu Palermo", in which he praises his homeland; Montfort's aria "Au sein de la puissance", in which he reflects on his loneliness and power; Arrigo's aria "O jour de peine", in which he laments his fate; and the famous Sicilienne "La brise souffle au loin", in which Arrigo sings a nostalgic song about his childhood. The opera also features a ballet in the third act, as well as several impressive ensemble scenes, such as the finale of the first act, in which Elena leads a chorus of Sicilian women in mourning for their fallen brothers; and the finale of the fourth act, in which Montfort pardons Arrigo and Elena after they plead for mercy.


tech / / Merce Dilette Amiche Pdf Free


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