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Somewhat OT: Kutztown Spring Meet


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From: (Peter Wieck)
Subject: Somewhat OT: Kutztown Spring Meet
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2022 06:49:02 -0700 (PDT)
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 by: Peter Wieck - Wed, 27 Apr 2022 13:49 UTC

There will, certainly, be some exotic audio stuff at the meet, in past years, such has included: KLHH Model 9 speakers, Magnepan speaksers, Tube Marantz, Audio Research, Revox, Uher and much more. Less than 100 miles from NYC, Philadelphia, and other cities and towns.

All - it is not too early to plan for the May Kutztown meet, link above. I will be at the club table doing the usual Clinic, and broadcasting Radio Free Kutztown, 1380 AM and 92.1 FM. With me, I will have:

Decent Fluke VOM
B&K LCR meter
ESR meter
Transistor/Diode diagnostic meter
Hickok 539B tube tester
Heathkit IP5220 Iso-Variac
Digital signal generator
Audio Signal Injector
Hand tools & soldering station
Miscellaneous other bits-and-pieces

Available at the Club Table, and several other ethical vendors will be:

Tested tubes, including exotics, at excellent prices
NEW Capacitors & Lamps
Several hundred years of knowledge and experience

Also available from regular (and ethical) vendors:

Dial covers
Grille Cloth
Dial Indicators and Pointers
Meters, analog and digital

And this does not even count hundreds (yes, that many) dealers selling thousands of vintage radios, audio equipment, miscellaneous items (everything from steam engines to glass (!) operating gasoline engines, to Windchargers and much more), nor does it count the good company.

Friday evening includes an upscale auction (well, indoors anyway), fireworks and (at least) one bottle of decent Single-Malt Scotch going around, not to mention the bonfire. Dates are as-listed, with Thursday being set-up day for vendors and club members. No admission (except Thursdays for non-members/non-vendors), free camping and free parking. For the non-radio individuals (significant others, or similar), there is a large antique venue and Farmers' Market attached (Saturday). The meet is pet-friendly.

My habit is to help buyers and "newbies" with their purchases, checking radios (and other items) under safe and controlled conditions. If the buyer is so-inclined, I will coach him/her (yes, over the years, there have been "hers") in basic repairs such as recapping, basic alignments, basic trouble-shooting and diagnostics and similar items. Over the 2.5 days, I average 3-5 'patients' per day.

Come one, come all!

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA

tech / / Somewhat OT: Kutztown Spring Meet


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