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o Re: Opinions sought on Mission 752 and 753 SpeakersMarmite Sandwich

Re: Opinions sought on Mission 752 and 753 Speakers


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From: (Marmite Sandwich)
Subject: Re: Opinions sought on Mission 752 and 753 Speakers
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2023 03:36:31 -0700 (PDT)
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 by: Marmite Sandwich - Fri, 30 Jun 2023 10:36 UTC

On Wednesday, 4 December 1996 at 08:00:00 UTC, wrote:
> I wound up purchasing the Mission 752s. I, too, had trouble with a
> bright, clinical treble until I lined the phase ring/horn around the
> tweeter with a thin layer of felt. Problem solved, enjoyability
> increased immensely, with no loss of detail. I'm glad you're enjoying
> your Linns, but am passing this along in case you have any friends who
> find their 752 or 753 loudspeakers too bright or harsh.
> Chris

Hi Chris et al,
Some years later (!), I am beginning to experience the over bright tweeter effect with this speaker (original 752), which I have owned for 25 years. This has come to light as a consequence of changing my source to a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 which has an onboard DAC, and which has highlighted the high frequency response which I had never noticed before. So my question is - can you elaborate on the felt-round-the-tweeter modification which you made? I might try it, but not sure what is involved.

tech / / Re: Opinions sought on Mission 752 and 753 Speakers


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