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Manly's Maxim: Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

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Re: battery-powering a 25 HP motor

Posted: 4 Days 16 Hours ago by: gfretwell

Look at the latest golf cart solutions. They are a mass market thing.

Re: battery-powering a 25 HP motor

Posted: 4 Days 18 Hours ago by: Old salt

Use a hyd motor with a remote hyd pump powered by electric motor runs off house batterys (may need to add to your bank) a manual valve with power beyond spool or solenoid with dc coil ( pump can be driven by used forklift motor)

Re: self-regulating line capacitor at 20 kV with potential (thread)

Posted: 10 Days 20 Hours ago by: Jackson Benete

I'm curious to see that! Please share with us. Good to see something real in these engineering newsgroups. They're totally empty or else it's spam. :(

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