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"Inquiry is fatal to certainty." -- Will Durant

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Surf Air To STC Electric, Hybrid Cessna Caravans


Posted: 3 Days 6 Hours ago by: Larry Dighera Surf Air To STC Electric, Hybrid Caravans By Russ Niles - Published: May 18, 2022 Surf Air Mobility has announced it intends to “develop and certify hybrid and

Its a Bridge not a landing strip


Posted: 6 Days 23 Hours ago by: Geoff Rove

One person was killed and five others were injured after a small plane crashed on a bridge near Miami on Saturday afternoon, striking an SUV with three passengers and bursting into flames. The small plane carrying a pilot and two passenger

Inertia starter r-985


Posted: 18 Days ago by: Gregory Mooney

I was a crew chief on a USArmy beaver in 1958, Allan Army AF. This airplane had an inertia starter that was energized by an electric motor and could also be hand cranked (for fun). Starting was crack throttle, switches on, battery on, start

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