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Re: Pauline Hanson


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Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson
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 by: Noodle - Thu, 2 Jun 2022 01:35 UTC

> **Lambie stands out as one of the small number of honest politicians in
> the Senate. Do I always agree with her? Nope. However, she has been
> straight with the electorate in that she acts for armed forces people
> and the people of Tasmania. She has never wavered in those actions.
> I like that about Lambie. Dumb as a pile of rocks, but honest.

I agree.

She's dumb. But honest.

Re: Pauline Hanson


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From: (Peter Jason)
Subject: Re: Pauline Hanson
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 17:11:43 +1000
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 by: Peter Jason - Thu, 2 Jun 2022 07:11 UTC

On Wed, 11 May 2022 18:49:26 +1000, Sylvia Else <sylvia@email.invalid>

>On 11-May-22 6:06 pm, Max wrote:
>> I just saw a political message from Pauline Hanson on ABC-TV.
>> She said that Family Law in this country is broken and needs fixing.
>> Is she correct?
>She might be. It's hard to know.
>Her concerns appear to relate to fathers getting a raw deal, and mothers
>inventing allegations of domestic violence and abuse as a legal tactic.
>The difficulty is that we cannot know what proportion of allegations are
>false. Comparing the rate of allegations with that in the wider
>community doesn't help, because there may be under-reporting amongst
>parents who are not separated, and such abuses may be the cause of
>break-ups, so we might expect more violence and abuse in separated
>couples anyway.
>On the other hand, Hanson's beliefs are presumably not backed up by more
>data than the rest of us have access to.
>So it's a tough call, and will probably continue to be.

Not if the judge flips a coin and lets the aggrieved call it.

aus+uk / / Re: Pauline Hanson


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